FakeNet VPN

FakeNet VPN Pro (Free)

FakeNet VPN Pro FreeNet Provider

Featuring UDP, TCP & OpenVPN SSL/TLS Service.
• With High Speed dedicated server.
• Simple and Clean UI
• Light App up to 5mb
• Anti Torrent App
• Support Add Server in your own
• Support Custom Payload / SNI
• Support International Network Promo

How to use:
☑️Easy Tap to Connect
☑️1: After Install the VPN ( UPDATE )
☑️2: Select Your Server Desire
☑️3: Select Your Connection Desire UDP, TCP or OpenVPN SSL TLS
☑️4: Select Your Proper Network Promo (Payload) Then (CONNECT) Tap the CONNECT BUTTON, hold on until its connected. 🎉

By LODI Xyruss

Freenet is my passion
Need Freemium SSH / SSL & OpenVPN Account?

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