Free Premium SSH / SSL OpenVPN Panel

Free Public FakeNet VPN Panel.

Servers: CloudSigma
Servers: DigitalOcean
Servers: Linode
Servers: Aws

We Provide highly dedicated servers
Because we make the best in you

Panel Featured:

SSH Port: 22, 225
Dropbear Port: 550, 555
SSL Port: 443, 444
GlobeTM No Load Support: 550 or 555

Sock Port: 885
SSH via (OHP) Port: 8086
Dropbear via (OHP) Port: 8085
Sock (Autoreconnect) Port: 886

NGiNX: 86
BadVPN Port: 7300
OpenVPN TCP: 110
OpenVPN UDP: 25222
OpenVPN SSL: 587

OpenVPN TCP (OHP) Port: 8087
OHP+OpenVPN Elliptic Curve: 8088
OpenVPN TCP (EC) Port: 25980
OpenVPN UDP (EC) Port: 25985

Squid Port: 8080, 8000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: my privoxy throws 503 error, what should i do?
A: thats normal, wait for it until you get 200 status. If you’re annoying on privoxy connecting hiccups, use OHPServer (ohp+ssh/ohp+ovpn) (8085~8088)

Q: What are OpenVPN-EC?A: OpenVPN Elliptic Curve, modern openvpn v2.4.x feature that allow usage of modern tls cryptography feature from your openvpn server. Just google about it for more information about that feature. But that ensures more faster data exchange from server to client.

  • For some users asking me for OpenVPN config compability for Built-in OpenVPN on their modems, just simply edit your http headers, avoid using “quoted” http headers to avoid unwanted Openvpn client errors(e.g. http-proxy-option CUSTOM-HEADER “Host: example.example”).If you wanna use that http header/payload setup, use OpenVPN+OHP config instead.

Panel Featured

We also have Panel System Points by every account you made you will be earn 1 point. All you have to do is to Register so that you can Claimed this Point daily. This point can convert to long duration of account or can convert to 1 account all server access. For more info kindly Visit the web panel.

❌ No Torrenting
❌ No Spam
❌ No Hacking

Pagdamotan nyo nah, Kindly use this panel server in a good ways. Please do not abuse or else there is no free panel.

Thank you.

Merry Xmas 😄😌

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