Free Public FakeNet VPN Panel.

Free Public FakeNet VPN Panel.

Servers: CloudSigma
Servers: DigitalOcean
Servers: Linode
Servers: Aws

We Provide highly dedicated servers
Because we make the best in you

Panel Featured:

SSH Port: 22, 225
Dropbear Port: 550, 555
SSL Port: 443, 444
GlobeTM No Load Support: 550 or 555

Sock Port: 885
SSH via (OHP) Port: 8086
Dropbear via (OHP) Port: 8085
SSH via (OHP Autoreconnect) Port: 888
Sock (Autoreconnect) Port: 886

BadVPN Port: 7300
OpenVPN TCP: 110
OpenVPN UDP: 25222
OpenVPN SSL: 587

OpenVPN TCP (OHP) Port: 8087
OpenVPN TCP (EC) Port: 25980
OpenVPN UDP (EC) Port: 25985
OpenVPN TCP (Auto Reconnect) Port: 887

Squid Port: 8080

GTM No Load Activated for Linode Only use this port: 80

GTM No Load for PH Only use this Dropbear Port: 550 & Squid Port: 143

We also have Panel System Points by every account you made you will be earn 1 point. All you have to do is to Register so that you can Claimed this Point daily. This point can convert to long duration of account or can convert to 1 account all server access. For more info kindly Visit the web panel.

❌ No Torrenting
❌ No Spam
❌ No Hacking

Pagdamotan nyo nah, Kindly use this panel server in a good ways. Please do not abuse or else there is no free panel.

Thank you.

Merry Xmas 😄😌

Visit us here 👇👇👇

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