Unblocking Tricks STS


  1. Turn off mobile data
  2. Restart phone
  3. Text “PROTECT ON”, send to 4545
  4. Once reply has been received, text “ROAM ON”, send to 333
  5. Turn on Airplane Mode for 15 minutes
  6. Turn off Airplane Mode
  7. Text “ROAM OFF”, send to 333
  8. Once reply has been received, restart phone
  9. Turn on mobile data
  10. If “voLTE”, “LTE”, “5G”, “4G”, “H+”, or “H” doesn’t appear on the signal icon within 3 minutes, repeat the process until it becomes successful.

*You can use this method even several blockings happen (depends on the SIM cards)
**Maintain at least 1-peso regular load to send text messages both in 4545 and 333

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